Jane Carstens
20 Apr


When the sun is out sunflowers bask in its warmth, but when the sky turns grey, they turn to each and share their energy. That is what people need to do as well.

We can learn a lot from nature, including from the humble yet magnificent sunflower. When grey skies come into people’s lives, too many become insular and don’t reach out. They might fear being judged, or feel shame, or just not know who they can reach out to. They may have been rebuffed when they have reached out in the past, and therefore not risk rejection again.

You could say that for millions of people, the skies in their life are perpetually grey. They are living in poverty, or with a mental illness, or in a war zone, or as a refugee. They may be experiencing domestic violence, or a family breakdown, or unbearable grief.

In Australia we have organisations that people can reach out to, such as Lifeline or Beyond Blue. These offer a vital service, but I think people also need a personal line of unconditional and non-judgemental support. Life is tough, and we need to share our energy with each other. We need to be open and giving and loving and kind. We need our own circle of sunflowers to help us through the tough times because in the end, we are all just walking each other home.

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