“Your life does not have to be defined by what happened to you.
But it will be defined by how you respond to what happened to you.”

From Unstuck by Jane Carstens


May 17

Caution: Rough road ahead. Slow down

I saw a sign when I was driving last week that resonated. I’d seen this sign many times over the years, but this time it seemed to have a higher meaning. It read: Caution. Rough road ahead. Slow down. And you know what happened? All of the motorists slowed down. ALL. OF. ...

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May 05

Mother’s Day

This Sunday in Australia is Mother’s Day. A day when mothers are celebrated, and retailers market the day aggressively with the subliminal passive aggressive message; if you love your mum you will buy her a (preferably expensive) gift/s. While it is a mostly joyful day for many people, it is also a day ...

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Apr 20


When the sun is out sunflowers bask in its warmth, but when the sky turns grey, they turn to each and share their energy. That is what people need to do as well. We can learn a lot from nature, including from the humble yet magnificent sunflower. When grey skies come into people’s lives, ...

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Jun 02

How can I help?

You find out a lot about yourself and the people around you when life turns to custard. They are the ones that stick around when the going gets tougher and the crowds go home. This extract from the book What Happened To You?; Conversations on trauma, resilience and healing by Bruce Perry and ...

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Nov 10

Stuff it

“Everyone thinks of changing the world,  but no one thinks of changing himself [or herself].” — Leo Tolstoy The year 2020 is almost behind us, and it’s been historic. We all had to stop as a global community and come together - while staying apart! - to battle Covid 19. This year will ...

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May 05

Everything I need to know about social isolating I learned from my cat

I have nearly always worked from home, but I still feel the effects of not being able to move around the community as I used to in these pandemic times. While pondering how to manage this, I realised my cat was a pro at social isolation and that I could ...

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Feb 20

It should always have been OK not to be OK

When I was growing up mental health wasn’t a topic that was openly discussed, if at all. There was also a strong stigma associated with mental illness (stronger than today). I recall the attitude that having a mental illness was viewed as a ...

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Nov 29

Sand Raking

Today is the 15th anniversary of my father’s death. I try not to dwell on these anniversaries too much, but 2019 has been a particularly tough year and I could have used his gentle, wise counsel, and the safety of his embrace. Reflecting on dad and what he would have said to me, ...

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Sep 20

When is it the last time?

When is it the last time? At some point, what you have said or done will be your last words or action. I am not sure if this is a melancholic or philosophical thought, perhaps a bit of both, but it is one that deserves reflection. I recounted in my book “...

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Jan 29

Stepping into the spotlight

If you have knowledge, let others light their candle in it. (paraphrased from a quote by Thomas Fuller, MD (1654-1734)) As a journalist I have always been the person interviewing other people, writing their stories, putting them into the spotlight, while I willingly stayed in ...

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