Jane Carstens

“Too often we are focused on what we should expect from life, when the real question is what life should expect from us.”

Victor Frankl

My Story

I was born in north Queensland and had a free-roaming 70’s childhood that involved  horse riding, bike riding, camping and exploring the bush (all without a mobile phone!). Our family moved to Brisbane when I was in my late teens, and I completed my high schooling there.

My professional background is in both health and writing, and I spent much of my working life as a medical journalist. I have also been fortunate to travel the world and live in various countries, although I always call Australia home.

My career as an author is both challenging and exciting, and one I seemed to have been leading up to my whole life.  Unstuck is my first book, but I am not stopping there. I am currently writing a novel, and there are more books – both fiction and non-fiction – planned for the future.

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