Jane Carstens

"Your future is shaped by what you think and do everyday.

It's an 'inside job' based on your mindset and self-talk."

from Unstuck by Jane Carstens

Unstuck: Rescuing yourself from unresolved grief


I started writing Unstuck for my three daughters, but when I told other people about this project many of them shared their own stories of grief with me. Through these conversations and from my personal observations I discovered there are a lot of people who are stuck from unresolved grief, even though everyone's situation was different. I therefore decided to turn Unstuck into a published book in the hope that it will help other people too. It's important to note that Unstuck is not intended for the recently bereaved. It is also not intended for people who are not able to cope on a day to day basis. They should seek professional help and support

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Gold Medal winner in the 2019 Global Ebook Awards.

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